On board 9 Celebrity Cruise Ships worldwide we have the Anturus Explorer Academy where junior cruisers can learn about the planet while experiencing it first hand. From wildlife to geography, exploration to survival. Learn about the four corners of the globe whilst experiencing them with your family.

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The Tulip Shell Sea Snail is found up and down the east coast of the Americas.
It’s a marine gastropod mollusc that can grow up to 10 inches long!
#celebrityequinox #cruiseadventurous #learnadventurous

Heading down to Heathrow today to make our way out to the #CelebrityEquinox in the #Caribbean for 2 weeks of filming! #cruiseadventurous

One of my favourite fish from these Caribbean waters, the Pomacanthus Paru / French Angelfish. Always super curious, these fish are omnivorous cleaning stations and important to reefs up and down the US coast and around the world #cruiseadventurous #celebrityequinox

Me and the big old blue! Looking forward to being back here soon on bigger more exciting projects!! #CelebrityEquinox #CruiseAdventurous #lppathfinders

Been to some wonderful places these last few weeks/months. #Bonaire πŸ‡§πŸ‡Ά is always up there with the best! #CelebrityEquinox #CruiseAdventurous

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  • Huw James
  • 31 Jul 2017